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Our promise...

To offer you the best of us by accurately assessing the context of your mandate and, thanks to a rigorous technology watch and taking into account its ecological footprint and principles of sustainable development, make a fair and equitable proposal of the ideal solution .

Groupe Techno Ref4 is a firm specializing in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration in the food industry that values first and foremost the quality of service and customer partnership.


Reliable and durable products...

We are committed to providing you with the best systems available on the market.

Our suppliers are selected dutifully and we can vouch for the reliability and durability of their products.

Cooling projects of all sizes
Project management

Listen, advise and guiding our clients ...

From the first meeting, we strive to define in detail your needs and expectations.

Our goal is to understand the reality of your environment and after evaluating the feasibility, to establish a realistic budget for your project.

Top of the line technical suppot
Installation, maintenance and Repair


Quality of service, our priority...

Immediate remote support by one of the many partner teams covering your territory.
At all times, their teams are mobilized to put in place the elements of intervention that will prevent you from suffering material and / or operational losses.

Our commitments...


Our expertise...

Four partners...

Why TechnoRef4? Obviously, because our four partners and their respective teams share the same values and same work ethics. We also have a common vision: to become, thanks to our combined skills and the quality of our service, the technological reference in our sector of activity.

A propos

Meet a few of our customers...

Our in-house team

charles vanelslande.jpg

Charles Vanelslande

Charles is our engineer. Very rigorous, he combines creativity and joviality.


François Robineault

A gifted estimator, François has the advantage of having worked in customer service and is attentive to your needs.


Samy Akadiri

A gifted estimator, François has the advantage of having worked in customer service and is attentive to your needs.

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